Folding Space
fold [verb] : to bend something such as paper or cloth so that one part of it lies on the other part, or to be able bend in this way.

Folding space is dealing with the notion of three-dimensionality of space and the exploration of the spatial qualities of paper as a two-dimension material traditionally used for the process of producing design and architecture. 

The intention was to investigate spatiality and work with the folding technique through experimentation by creasing, pleating, bending, gathering, curving or wrapping sheets of paper. And, by these processes of folding, to create three-dimensional objects. More particularly, the pleat was chosen as a technique and procedure. Thus, through testing and spontaneous creation, it resulted in a series of successive models, all of which were designed in the form of the stripe. The dialogue between the pleat and the stripe can produce various conceptual possibilities and can be the base of spatial proposals and designs.

February 2014