Home Office

Home Office is a typology of collective home-offices owned by the company and offered to the employees as alternative working locations to the main office building. Many young professionals want to travel and do several activities around the world while they are still young but they have to restrict themselves close to the location of their everyday office location. By having a series of close to nature, activity-oriented home/offices around the world employees can travel, have fun, perform their favorite activities, get to know each other better and work at the same time. The two key factors are to get employees as immersed in the activities and the location as possible and to offer a comfortable, enjoyable working space so that they can still be productive and focused. The design of the home-office typology has as its core the working space while the rest of the facilities are built around it. The four moving panels that define the working space can be adjusted and moved around according to the number of people who want to work or reversely perform other activities in the house.

Home Office is a two-week project done for the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship in collaboration with Sofia Angelopoulou.

September 2016