Piraeus Music School

Located in the area of Piraeus, the Piraeus Music School is a transformation of an abandoned neoclassical residence into a public cultural space. Aiming to enhance the understanding of architectural principles when dealing with rescuing historical buildings and incorporating them into contemporary life, the core concept is based on the contrast and the communication between the traditional and the modern element. The focus was to highlight the morphology of the building and add innovative shapes and materials to it. Hence, the exterior shell was restored, while the interior walls were removed.

Inspired by several constructivist standards, two metal frames are placed both inside and outside the building; one parametrically the shell of the main building and another at the patio area. Moreover, a metal bridge joins the exterior metal structure with the second floor. This bridge “crashes” part of the façade, symbolizing the contradiction of the respect to and break with the tradition. For the creation of the patio, the old small buildings (which have been afterwards added illegally) were removed and a stairwell that leads to the underground level floor was designed.  

June 2011